Units of SamenFerforje Factory

SamenFerforje consists of many different technical sections. Here you can get familiar with each unit.

Our Projects

It’s been over decades of experience and hard work that has made us fit into our current state of Success. More than 20 years of hardship has brought us into international scales. With having solid relations with 20 other countries we have come a long way and this is only the beginning. The glory we seek is yet to be reached. All we have on our side along this journey is nothing but the High-quality Products with the smile of satisfaction on your faces as honest as usual.

Customers Comment

As the agency of this company stated in Azarbayejan Gharbi, I see the importance of this need to thank the respected CEO of this group as well as the personnel regarding their absolute effort in the production of high-quality products and their compatible prices along with the respect and accurate responsiveness of crew.

Sheykhe Por

I’d love to grand the effort and love you share in your work. Your trip to west Mazandaran province and sharing your time and advice was of greatest joys and importance. Meeting the promises made shows your humbleness and the strong bond of trust which will never be broken.


I would love to thank Samen’s responsible group because of the newest standards and qualities which is always included in production.Also I’d love to thank the hard working personnel for their endless efforts.

Hamed Salehi

We are honored of the chance provided for us to work with Hashtomin Noor (Samen Ferforge). We would love to thank the astonishing management as well as the personnel which together have gathered to make this harmonized industry.


طراحی شده با عشق توسط شرکت طراحی سایت کد ایران