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Angle Bar plays an important role in the safety of a structure, just like Rebars.

They are used to make sure that everything is going to stay in its place.

In this article SamenFerforge we are going to introduce you to one of the most important materials used mostly in construction, which is called the Angle Bar.

The L-Bar

You might have heard them by many names such as Angle Iron or L-Bracket since they are made out of metal alloys and because the shape of these materials would definitely remind you of Capital L.

Angles are made through hot-rolled or cold-rolled method. what happens next is forging up the sides of the steel to get the final shape of angles. They can be in different shapes in term of size, Thickness or having equal or unequal legs.

Without a doubt the quality and strength of the angles along with their specific look have become a necessary step to keep the structure of a building safe and sound.

Angle is usually positioned along with other parts like beams, columns and other platforms to add additional strength.

Features of angle bar


These popular products are made out of Galvanized Steel, which makes them very resistible in face of future corrosion and rust. They are mostly used in structure where a ton of strength and pressure needs be handled. But to go deeper with the features included in them we are going to mention a few of the top properties available in this material.

  • The surface is quite easy to be welded and it’s durable.
  • The ductility and mechanical characteristics has made them a good choice in places with bad weather.
  • As we mentioned angles are highly resistant to corrosion resistance.
  • They can always be easily cut and be used as it is required.
  • The strength varies from mild to high.
  • They also appear in different thicknesses.

Steel Bars are like angle bars, read about their properties:

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Use of angles is going to provide products with extra stability and protection in face of corrosion. Anyhow this added stability is provided both horizontal and vertical. Along with the many features that we mentioned there are many industries that are using this product in their production.

  1. moving heavy Objects

One of the creative uses of angle bars is that they can be used for transporting objects that are just heavy and can’t be moved with bare hands.

If there is no way or machine to be taken into use, you can always turn to Angle bars by placing them upward and position the object on the open area of the Bar.

  1. Frames and Shelves

As we mentioned there are different sizes of Angle Bar available that are mostly used in building the frames of smaller objects like the frames of a Door or a bed.

You can in fact find the traces of this product in chairs or furniture.

They are also highly used for building shelves of any kind.

Features of Angle Bars

  1. Construction

As we mentioned there are many uses for this material when it comes to building.

They are mostly used in building Bridges and buildings.  They can also be seen in cable or power towers.

The use of this material as we mentioned is for further stability of structures of any kind no matter how small.

would you like to know about reinforced concrete?

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  1. Automobile industry

This element is also used a lot in framing the structure of automobiles. Using angles would definitely add to the strength and resistances of the car.

last words

till this point we talked about the features and applications of Angle Bars. please note that there are many different sizes available and choosing the right one needs knowledge on the exact project you have in mind. it’s true that the need of this product is inevitable but you have to be careful in making the right choice.

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