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you must have heard of the tallest standing Tower in the World, which shines like a jewel in the middle of the Desert.
Yes, Burj Khalifa is, in fact, one of the most popular sights of Dubai which has captured the attention of many around the World.
Get along with us in this very factful article of SamenFerforge, to read a fair crazy amount of Awesome Burj Khalifa Facts.

The Burj Khalifa

Despite being the tallest building, it has the highest rate in capturing the attention of tourism in Dubai as well.
Dubai has attracted a total of 16.66 million Tourists and stands as the top 5 countries with the highest rate in international visitors.

Interesting facts about the Burj

the Height of the building is not the only thing that Burj Khalifa tops it. there are many other things as well that this incredible building has been ranked in as the First. Let’s jump right into it then.

Interesting facts about the Burj

1. The weight of Burj Khalifa

The amount of the concrete used in this Structure is insane this tower is one of the hugest projects which has taken use of Concrete as the main Construction Material.
Would you like to know more about such Buildings?

Imagine 100.000 elephants altogether, Burj Khalifa Weights Something like that. We are so lucky to have elephants to help us understand this crazy number.
Aluminum is also one of the other materials which are used on a huge scale on this project and the total amount of it equals, 5 A380 Aircraft.

2. The Elevator

Naturally, the Tallest Building of the World owns the Longest single ride of Elevator. The Ride Would take you 140 Floor to take you on the Top. This ride would a great chance to enjoy the view of the Desert, the City itself. you can also enjoy your view of the Caspian Sea.
It would only take a minute to get to the 124th Floor.

3. The top of the Building

Apparently, from 95 kilometers of the distance, you can spot the tip of the Building.
In a way that’s a very fun and interesting Fact.

The top of the Building

4. 12.000 Workers

Yes, 12.000 workers were employed to make this astonishing building happen. And the crazy part is that these workers all worked in a day.

5. Hollywood Popular

among Burj Khalifa facts this one is the most exciting. you might have noticed it or you might not but ever since the opening of the building, the building has appeared in many Hollywood Blockbuster Movies.
Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) and Fast and Furious 7 (2015) are some of the most outstanding movies which all had created memorable scenes of Burj Khalifa.

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6. Most popular Sight of Dubai

The Giant Building is the national mark of Dubai and has done a great job in attracting millions of people from all around the World.
Burj Khalifa is the most visited sight in Dubai.

Most popular Sight of Dubai

7. 6 years of Construction

Yes, the Building took Six years to be built but the Result is satisfactory and is paying off perfectly.

8. The Shape

Have you ever wondered why the Burj is the way it is!? The Building is particularly designed to shape like a Hymenocallis Flower. The center rises from the middle just as the Core of the Flower itself and so it shines like a flower in the middle of the Desert.

9. The visitors

As we stated before Dubai is stated as one of the top 5 most visited countries in the world in the year 2019. it would also be shocking that the number of tourists who visit the Burj was stated around 1.87 in 2013. This means that about 156.000 people visited the spot each month. this number must have gotten way bigger now.

What do you think of Burj Khalifa?

Burj Khalifa facts do actually make the building an extraordinary structure with a huge amount to make the Construction even more interesting.
But the truth is that Dubai is trying to build even more astonishing Projects. The year 2020 is going to be the year for introducing new projects.
What do you think? Can any of the new structures beat the tallest building the World!?

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