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Cast iron is one of the most used materials in the world of metal industries with many applications. In this article of SamenFerforge we are going to discuss everything about this element. Stay with us.

Cast iron has been known to mankind for the longest time, since the evidence shows that the first uses of this material goes back to thousand years ago when Chinese first used this material in the their weapons and constructions.

A very long time has passed the days of fighting with swords and in these many days of modernity we are still using this material in industries for many different reasons.

What is cast iron?

Metal is an element of many alloys, all with different features and capabilities.

Cast iron is one the many alloys of this element which is taken into in vast majorities. Depending on the impurities involved, this material can appear in different colors also with different features.

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Types of cast iron

Depending on the amount of impurities involved in the structure of this material there will be many features to consider but mostly there are the gray and the white just like the wizards all with their own set of capabilities.

  • The white

The whiteness of this material is because of the high levels of iron carbide involved in the structure. This impurity involved is the reason beyond the tremendous amount of resistance that white cast iron shows as one its features.

This material is mostly used when there need to be solidness involved the structure of materials.

Types of cast iron

  • The gray

Unlike the solidness of the white, this type has a lot of graphite in the structure which gives a great notion of breakable features to the material. Other than graphite the amount of silicon that is used in this material is also very admirable since this feature makes this type of metals alloy so functional in various industries.

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Cast iron is a material of many different abilities and here we are going to go through some of the most important ones.

  1. Strength

this alloy of metal shows a high resistance facing welding, ductility and pressure which is in fact a lot better than the metal itself.

That’s why this element is taken into use many industries to guarantee the strength of the products.

  1. Molding

As we mentioned the flexibility of this metal is so high that it can be shaped in any forms possible, you only need to add it into molds of different kinds to get the shape.

  1. Machining

Different elements involved in the structure, has made it a good choice to go under lots of machining.

  1. Costs little

this material is made by melting down scrap cast iron which means it’s even cheaper than what you expect.

Other than the price the ability of welding is a lot better in recycled cast iron.

applications of cast iron


this element is used a great deal due to its functionality and great features.

Here we only mention a few of the most noticeable applications.

  • Automobile industry

The strength and molding of this material has made this element a perfect choice in producing automobile parts.

  • Pipes

this alloy of metal can be used in making pipes as well, since they show a great deal of strength and resistance while facing corrosion and pressure. Thus they can become a great vessel for transferring liquids.

  • cookware

As it appears this element can handle a lot of pressure and due to their high melting point, the best pot you can get is one which is made out of cast iron.

Last word

Till this very point we told you about the characteristics and benefits of using cast iron, as well as the types.

Here in SamenFerforge we also use a great deal of this material in production. Most of our wrought iron pieces are made out of cast iron which makes our quality one of the bests in the world.

The use of this alloy raises the resistance of ferforge pieces against corrosion and other factors like rust.

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