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the population keeps rising and the demand for a roof keeps getting too huge of a problem but that doesn’t mean the world of construction and industry would stop. Nowadays builders and architects are doing their best to keep up with these changes and come up with innovative ideas to fit everybody in. In this article of SamenFerforge, we are going to talk about the most likely Construction forecast in 2020. Stay with us as we cover them and see to it if it’s true or otherwise.


You can’t deny the need for housing and shelter and this factor alone has made a huge impact on the building industry.

What we cover in this article are the most likely Construction forecast in 2020 you should definitely know about.

There are many reasons why construction has grown to its current state and believe me population is not the only reason for it.

read about some of the heaviest Structures:

Heavy Constructions made out of Concrete

Construction in the Future

We all know that Dubai is striking madly in terms of upgrading its construction. Once they started building, they did not stop and they have made the City into a high technological environment which we all know from Space Stories.
That’s the Construction today. It’s the mad game of huge amounts of Capitals and meeting deadlines. It’s all about creating the best and the most efficient at the same time.
Here are some of the most likely Construction forecast in 2020 you should definitely know about.

Construction in the Future

• Tech will strike

That one is definitely going to become the truth If not now then soon enough.

The point is that the world today is the world of technology and AI. The Labor and the hard parts of Construction are to be erased eventually.

But we are getting to the phase where materials are being made by designers and are created by the use of computers.

materials are fabricated by the use of 3D printers and we are promised to have residential stations in the Space.

that could not be done by the hands of a human but by the use of AI in Construction and Smart calculations.

• AR or the Augmented Reality

AR was first created for Gaming and that’s how almost everyone is familiar with it.

The point is that we need more smart gadgets in the Construction Site.

Imagine Google Glass which can play a Crucial Point in these fields.

Construction despite all the precautions is still a very dangerous area. Google Glass can provide safety through its constant updates.

Such gadgets can also make communication a lot easier than ever.

Despite the glasses, AR can also come handy in Designing and settling on the best ideas.

AR or the Augmented Reality

Even SamenFerforge is using the AI, In the Application.
The SamenFerforge App

• Modular Construction

Time is the key factor in instruction and it’s hard not to take this concept into consideration in Construction forecast in 2020. the point is that Construction, especially of the ones which belong to huge buildings, is going to need a lot of consideration and planning.

It would add up to be a time-consuming nightmare.

That’s where the Modular Construction is going to help with the time.

More architects and builders are using this modern approach and are enjoying the benefit of 3D printers.

• Exoskeletons

Now, this one may sound like a sci-fi movie but It is such a great idea. And it needs more considerations.

Workers can wear these devices. But how can Exo-Skeleton help?

 Workers are going to be safer while being in the construction area.

 Work is going to be done faster.

 Workers are going to be stronger with the help of such wearings. It’s like becoming Superman so they can obviously handle more.


• Better Connection

Forget the paper and crazy amount of traveling’s to different parts of the construction site especially if the project is as big as the tallest tower in the world like Burj Khalifa. The technology is here to save you from losing documents and time.

How about just delivering the data!?

This simple idea hasn’t yet become a solid reality in the World of Construction while all it takes is a program to connect everyone involved in a project.

Last Words

the Construction is clearly changing its direction into a more solid and technological state.

In fact, it is very heartwarming to know that many considerations are being taken to make this industry safer and efficient.

What are your predictions and ideas for construction!?

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