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Back in the 20s, it is stated that the economy of the United States jumped into a perfect and solid situation.
Everything was great and life went smooth.
So, Americans started doing exactly as any rich man or empire would do. Building the tallest building of all time.
That’s how the idea of the Empire State was triggered.
If you’re interested, we share a handful amount of statements and Facts.
Here in this Article of SamenFerforje, we are going to state a few of the most astonishing Empire State Buildings Facts that you are probably missing.

Tallest Building in New York

The Reynolds Building was decided to be constructed by the late 20s and it took only a few months later to be fully made until 1931.
This building was given credit for almost 40 years as the tallest building in the united states and the World until the very famous World Trade Center. But after the unfortunate incident on September 11, 2001, the empire state happened to be once again the tallest building in America.
Right now, with having 103 floors in total and 443.2 meters of height the Empire state is the 6th tallest building in New York and the 45th in the World.
Further, we will discuss some of the most interesting facts about the Famous Building of the Empire State.

Smashing facts of Empire State Building

here are some of the most interesting Empire State Buildings Facts which I bet you’ll be surprised to hear about.

1. Competition on building the tallest

As we mentioned Empire state was built at the time of Glory When the economy was good. One of the trends of the day was all about the tallest building in the world.
And so, many did so!

And I represent one of the most unbelievable Empire State Buildings Facts!
Before the Empire State, Wall Street’s Bank of Manhattan and Chrysler Building went into a long-lasting competition over this matter.
They simply wanted to own the tallest building in the world and for years they tried adding floors to just accomplish the goal.
But anyway, Empire State Win them all over.

Competition on building the tallest

2. The building is a Copy

Shreve, Lamb & Harmon is the firm that built the tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building.
But Mr. William Lamb has stated the fact that the building is a copy of a previous work he has done.
The Reynolds Building is, in fact, the structure which owns the original structure designed by Lamb.

3. Happy anniversary, Dad.

According to our previous fact, in 1979, the Empire State Buildings manager send a card to the 50’s anniversary of the Reynolds Building:
” Happy Anniversary, Dad.”

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4. Ahead of the schedule

The point is that the Building was one of the greatest construction projects and it was expected to be time-consuming and costly.
but despite these points, the Building was Finished in 410 days.

Ahead of the schedule

5. Many Workers

It took 3.400 workers to work every day for 20 months to complete the project.
But eventually, everything was finished and wrapped under budget and a lot earlier than it was expected.

6. The top was designed as a mooring mast or Airships

There is always an airship in movies related to the ’20s.
It must have been a very strong trend since the Building was designed according to such expectations.
The top was designed as a mooring tower for the Airships and so passengers could get off and exit by going down through the building all the way to the street.
It seemed like a great idea then but again the idea was dismissed later.

7. Not a financial success

The glorious state of the economy faced an unfortunate downgrade.
Which made it hard for the building to mark a successful start.
That’s why the building remained empty for most parts of the ’30s.
It’s even believed that the workers were asked to light up upper floors to play a hoax on people.

Not a financial success
8. Crash on the 79th floor of the Empire State Building!

It is stated that during 1945, William f. smith was distracted and lost his path due to Fog.
This matter finally leads to the Airplane crashing into the building.
Smith and 2 more on the airplane along with the other 11 people in the building lost their lives.

Biggest Constructions projects made with Concrete:

These projects used concrete as the main Construction Material

9. The 11th Floor

After the world trade Center, it was discussed to add another floor to the empire state building.
The 11th Floor could have brought the Empire state back at the top again.
But the idea was passed due to concerns over the original look of the Building and the cost.

The 11th Floor

10. Cameo in many Hollywood movies

Now when it comes to Hollywood movies, the iconic building of New York has appeared in many different movies. It’s nearly countless.
Most famous movies are:
• King Kong
• Sleepless in Seattle
• Independence Day

Last Words

Well people, we have discussed many interesting facts of the Empire State Building.
We are years away from the Golden age of this iconic Building but the truth is that this building will forever be one of the most iconic elements of New York.

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