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Some of the projects

SamenFerforge has performed over 10 thousand successful projects all over the country, this range of projects shows the product’s quality, complex power, customers’ trust, and all of these features are Samen’s honor. You can check out the unlimited variety of SamenFerforge productions and their information by visiting the project’s page.

Luxury products

Among Samen wrought iron products, luxury and custom branches have special features. The customer can order Samen luxury products in any size based on the projects. SamenFerforge is manufactured its luxury products with unique quality and also furnace color.


Relying customers supporting and maintaining quality and originality, SamenFerforge has gained the honor to be the largest manufacturer of the Middle East. More than 2000 kinds of ferforge parts in different categories are produced in this complex.

City element products

SamenFerforge complex has been started to produce garden products since 2018, Samen was able to show its power in designing like its previous products and turning the wide market of these products into a purposeful and luxurious market.

Perfabricated doors products

Series door or prefabricated door with standards dimensions and are ready to install which are produced in different models. As same as the luxury custom doors these doors are painted with furnace color and all of them have a patina design.


Samen Ferforge was established in 1996 with the aim of producing wrought iron. The company has succeeded in producing high-quality products using modern knowledge and creativity, with unique design, as well as employing experienced and creative staff, and has taken effective steps in the field of wrought iron parts manufacturing. Designing and printing catalogs and brochures is the most powerful physical advertising tool, which should be used to increase sales and marketing. A tool for introducing products and services, in fact, catalogs and brochures are in interface between you and your audience. Samen wrought collection will accompany you with the advises of designers in determining the style and message of the catalog. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our customers to build an effective and ideal catalog.

Be up-to-date with Samen intelligence robot

Receive up-to-date product’s price list, observing all product’s images with all technical specifications, receive the last product’s catalogue, the possibility of smart search, receive the lists of agents and find the nearest agency, the possibility of registering the order.

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