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فرفورژه چیست

Ferforge is a foreign name given to an art of shaping the solid metal.

In this article of SamenFerforge, we are going to talk about the propperties of ferforge also the benefits of using it.

Stay with us.

Fer and Forge

Yes this name is of French origin which has been given to a art so ancient which is known to almost any region. Ferforge is the art of forging Iron into shapes that resembles beautiful designs in the result.

To dig deeper, the word of Ferforge is made out of attaching two other French names together. The first part “Le Fer “which means the Iron and “La Forge “which means to form or misshape and together it stand for what is mostly known as wrought Iron.

To make this art happen the metal should endures heat and lots of in fact to lose its solidness only to endure even more from blacksmiths hammer to finally get in the shape desired. We might have seen this familiar of a scene in movies but to be honest, many years has been passed and even if this method still exist but many modern approaches has been made to make the metal industries functional to sooth the modern needs.


Wrought irons are beautiful especially with the modern designs of all kinds that are possible to be made. The prestige they give to a construction is undeniable, but beauty aside what other benefits do they serve for receiving such popularity.

  • Strength

Different modern machinery has been introduced in our field of work which in fact has made a great effort in making better designed Ferforge pieces. The pieces made nowadays are of such delicateness that is accompanied by strength as well.

The cast iron used to make the pieces is of such strength that makes it a perfect choice for Entrances and window grills knowing that the safety is required.


  • Variety

As we mentioned the technology has made the job easy, and thanks to the creative minds of designers the cast iron is shaped into many different forms only to make this variety of designs countless.

  • Price

Other than cast iron, a huge amount of scrap cast iron is also used to make the molten material suitable for making Ferforge. The use of scrap cast iron has two benefits:

  1. The elements included in scrap cast iron are going to make the wrought iron stronger in terms of solidness and degree of being stainless.
  2. The price included for providing primitive material is going to cost less. And so the final result is a piece of strength and low price.
  • no need to look after it

The use of metal in wrought iron means worrying about rust and many further problems which are going to happen. But in Ferforge you don’t need to be worried about anything since they are strong enough to last a long time in facing corrosion or rust.


Till this point we have informed you of all great features of this material which makes it at demands in as many different industries as possible. Let us check some of the most outstanding applications of wrought iron together.

  1. Construction

It is obvious most of Ferforge pieces are used in construction. And mostly this material is used to add prestige to a building. You might have recognized the pieces of this art on window grills and Entrance doors.


  1. Furniture

Many of the pieces are designed to be used in furniture industry. Many of the new furniture designs have this element included in them. Use of Ferforge also adds to the strength of the structure.

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  1. Decor

Other than the fact that Wrought iron has fixed its presence in interior designs, it’s also a solid choice for decor by many depending on their creativity and will.

Next time you wanted to get rid of a Ferforge piece think of it as an object that could add potential to your place.

Last word

SamenFerforge is known as the premier exporter of Ferforge pieces in the world. With having the outstanding quality at the top along with endless variety we served our customers through out all these many years.

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