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one advantage of ferforge is the affect it has on the beauty of environment.

You can see ferforge pieces almost everywhere, even though you might have never heard of the name. even after years of inventing this method, it’s been used constantly and it seems to be in demand.

What is a forged fer?

As it appears this word is of French origin and it means shaped or deformed Iron. For years this word has been known as the art of forging iron in desired shapes.

This has been taking in to use to create many different objects. From small little ones to bigger ones were added to molds to form the cast iron, the strongest of materials.

is Wrought Iron still used: 

Wrought Iron in Modern World »

How it’s made?

Cast iron is mostly used in creating ferforge pieces. They were mostly melted and added to molds of different types and were left to cool down.

This classic approach is all that has been inherited from our eldest times. There is no modern method involved except for measuring techniques and ways of deciding on the exact elements which are involved in the molten cast iron.

From it’s many features the variety, strength and corrosion resistance are the most outstanding ones.

Ferforge in modern age

Ferforge in modern age

Different times demands for different needs, and since we no more need to create swords and armors of war, there has been a huge shift to what ferforge is used for.

If you take a look around, you can spot these features added to buildings in shapes of window grills along with entrance doors which are all examples of modern uses of ferforge.

Cast iron has a great feature when it comes to getting the shape it’s been given to it. also the strength and corrosion resistance of material has made it a wonderful choice in making pieces that are of delicate designs and patterns.

In Iran ferforge has taken a big role in fabricating entrances doors which are of amazing designs and give your building a mesmerizing look. Other than the grills on windows, fences and entrance doors are other wider applications of these products.

On your next journey to a park next to your house please note that the objects can be from cast iron and are created in ferforge process.

Ferforge on beauty of Environment

this advantage of ferforge has great impact on you surrendering environment, and to add them around you would give you such an excellent vibe.

In this part we are going to discuss some of the most outstanding roles of Ferforge on beauty of Environment.

  • Beauty

I think we all have heard enough about the beauty of these products. But did you know that no material like cast iron can get the shapes of the most delicate designs. You can never expect iron  be formed in such delicate patterns.

  • Toxic gas

Cast iron releases toxic types of gas in the air when in its being melted, which is considered toxic for both environment and men.

Most of the materials included in the molten cast iron are scrap cast iron which releases a lot less of these gases than normal cast iron or iron.

Ferforge on beauty of Environment

  • Strength

The number of carbon included in this material is a lot compare to the amount that is fitted in the structure of metal. This amount of carbon strengthens the corrosion resistance of material.

The ferforge as the result would show a longer stand in face of chemical reactions that happens throughout the time. The rust would appear a lot longer than what we see in use of iron.

This resistance is at such level that even without the painting as future protection layer, it would last quite a long time.

  • Saving resources

Cast iron is also recyclable and can be recycled multiple times. In fact if you add more scrap cast iron in the material, the result would be a lot stronger.

This feature of cast iron allows us to recycle the scrap pieces of this element and simply melt them and reuse them in the production.

Last word

Human has always been after forming different shapes. This advantage of ferforge has enabled us to make different machinery pieces and make the dreamiest ideas possible.

Nothing would have been possible if there were no earth to walk on. Now that we are the only occupants of this plant shouldn’t we worship it and in fact make our efforts more effective?

We should definitely do more research to avoid further damage on environment.

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