Versay ferforge door of mashhad project (147)


Samen ferfoge company has been able to have a great market share of products for construction projects in the Mashhad city.

About this project we can say it’s an attractive versay door beside the simplicity and the main reason for choosing this door is its fascinating combination.

Yalan project is of one the glorious project of samen ferforge company.

ELYSE Door has been used as one of the best produced doors by Hashtomin Noor metal industry (Samen Ferforje) .

The Combination of Elyse staircase and door at the same time turned this project to a unique masterpiece.

Elyse Door is the most popular types of door in northern facade building, because of the luxurious and beautiful view.

This project is one of the thousands project made by Samen Ferforge. As it can be seen in the photos, using this door as the main door of structure have given it fascinating view.

Mr Zamanian Owner and designer
Mashhad Project location

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