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Patina paint is a name of an art which you might haven’t heard of! Can you think of its meaning? Or did you ever recognize the gray or orange patterns of rust on pieces of metal? What about the gestures of an old Wood?

We all know that at some point iron would surrender to air and appear with the rust on its surface. The same goes with pieces of wood, especially the ones which are left outside to get worn and lose their firmness.

Iron Objects often go through this reality by changing color and losing strength.

these changes of color is what we recall as Patina. In this article of SamenFerforge we are going to talk about this beautiful touch of nature and its use on our painting unit where we apply patina on metal.


As we mentioned, rust and worn are inevitable when it comes to metal and wooden structures. These changes are natural and happen when the surface is left in touch of air. You might remember these pictures on any surface old enough to welcome such changes.

Okay so patina is in nature, it happens and there is no denying it, but did you know that mankind has always used such patterns in painting?

This method of painting has become a very popular which is now known as a separate field of art. You can find the roots of this idea in Spain. This Spanish art is now very popular when it comes to painting modern pieces and deluding the oldness of appearance.


The art of patina

The method is basically to move your hand constantly on the surface of the piece and create patterns by each touch of the brush. What is left is a piece which appears as an antique object.

Nowadays this art is separated into two separate ways and we are going to discuss them.

Classic & Modern Patina

This gesture which appears as the constant touches of hand on the surface of the material is now old enough that it’s separated to two different phases of Classic and Modern.

The first step to apply paint in this matter is to clear the surface of all the uneven parts, after this step a layer of paint is added to the surface and is left to dry out. These steps are to be done regardless of which method you are about to apply.

In SamenFerforge we have dedicated a whole unite to cleansing the surface of our products. Metal is very popular in term of observing dirt while being processed. Ferforge pieces are placed in Shot Blast and are cleaned for the next unite which is for painting as the last efforts of production.


The natural patterns you see around can be all applied to all pieces. This method which is originally copied by nature is meant to make things appear old and out of service. The antique looks of objects have made them very popular and are widely used in the modern world.

Classic & Modern Patina


In this earlier approach of modern patina, any design can be applied on any surface as well. In this method more patterns are possible to be worked on.

This type of patina is used a lot more than the classic one and is also more popular.

Faux Painting

You could say that faux art is the French version of Patina. Faux in French means something that is a lie and it’s not real.

The intention of this art is to create pieces that fool eyes into believing the pieces in front of you are in fact, fake.

In Faux painting there is an even bigger capability in terms of creating what we see in the nature, for example the familiar patterns of a tree are applied and used a lot.


Despite the beautiful touch that is brought along with the use pf patina there are bigger advantages to consider in using this art.

The patina is used quite a lot in different metal industries, and the reason is in fact because of the protection it adds to the surface of the pieces. As the result the material would remain safe and without a change for a long time.

Last word

As we also indicated in the beginning one of the final units of SamenFerforge is for painting Entrance Doors.

We use patina to add an extra layer of protection to our products despite the fact that our pieces are mostly made from cast iron and are naturally more resistant to rust and other damages.

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