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Many metal industries also are dealing with a section provided only for color coating.

And so many products are already colored like Cars, Guard rails, Bicycle and so much more.

They all look shiny and beautiful.

But How Long Will That Last?

in this article, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Powder Coating.

Why all big industries are using this paint?

As a Corporation that has been using this paint in the production, let us guide you to facts in this article of SamenFerforje.

Best coating paint for Metal

Iron will rust anyway. No matter what you do. Unfortunately, that’s inevitable.

But technology has always helped us to cope with this matter.

Despite all the actions that are taken by a professional industry, you can never deny the final stage of coating the material.

The paint will always delay the stage of rust.

As long as the color can last, the metal would also resist rust as well.

So, it’s clear, the paint should be some kind of a SUPER COLOR!

and one of the Top Components of this role is Powder Coating!

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Best coating paint for Metal

Powder coating

The paint consists of pigment and resin. and adding it to the surface involves two stages as such:

  1. The material needs to be added to the surface employing Electrostatic. Now the Color will stick to the surface but there is more to it.
  2. To make the paint last for a ridiculous amount of time we need to heat the Piece in the Curing Oven. The heat would eventually make the paint into both the protective and decorative layer.

Advantaged of Color Coating

There are many advantages when it comes to this industrial Color.

Here is why:

  • It is Durable

It would be very disappointing if the color of the Car or bicycle you purchased is starting to wear off!

But with Powder Coating we promise, you can make use of the material for many long years without worrying at all.

  • Safer for operators

This paint is also applied with hand.

And there are consciences.

In later experiences, workers were expected to wash their hands with Solvent if the paint has been landed on their skin by accident. This process is also followed by washing the location with soap and water.

With Color Coating there is very little possibility of having serious damage on your skin since the color can be washed off by Water.

Advantaged of Color Coating

  • Environment-Friendly

Unlike other solvent-based paints that produce VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) Powder coating is entitled.

Powder Coating Produces a very little amount of VOC which can be denied.

Facts lead to a cost-efficient truth about the Powder coating industry.

Since this method works wonderfully well, there is no need for the operators to maintain lots of protective gear just to control the damage.

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  • Smooth process

Imagine painting cars with hands! It’s Dumb!

Why should you choose to do anything like that when you can simply apply the paint with the use of Spray?

It’s clean and a lot faster.

 You should definitely be on time.

The Clock is ticking and you don’t want to be busy cleaning off the paintbrushes. Trust us 😊

Other cool facts about the use of this Paint are as such:

  • Cost-Efficient
  • Time-Efficient


Ok, we know everything comes with disadvantages as well.

So, let’s check some of the disadvantages.

  • It’s going to cost you at the beginning

Even though the use of the material is perfect, the problem is the establishment which would definitely cost!

but to be honest, in long term production, such costs are to be worth it since they are definitely going to pay off.

  • No thick layer

It’s not a problem but still, no one has managed to come up with a thin layer of paint of materials.

  • Color Palate

Sorry people, but it’s just hard to come up with new colors when it comes to creating different shades.

It’s just hard!


 Application of Powder Coating

Well, we have discussed some great facts about the paint and seriously as far as I can think of, many industries are making use of this Paint. For example:

  • Automotive industry
  • Appliance
  • Architecture & Buildings


SamenFerforje, as the leading industry in Production of Wrought Iron parts and Doors, has been using Powder coating for more than 10 years now.

The quality and the satisfaction at the end of each product has made our journey in the metal industry, Sweet and Pleasant.

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