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production of ferforge is done by many industries, but why is it that we recommend SamenFerforge solely?

The answer to this question is very simple, it’s because we guarantee our quality.

In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of using our products and by the end you’ll be positive that our products are what you want.

Samen Ferforge

Hashtomin Noor (SamenFerforge), is the first and premier exporter of ferforge pieces and Entrance doors of various kinds and designs in the Middle East.

As it’s nearing the third decade of servicing in this industry we would love to share the endless amount of hard work and love which was putted in every piece that was ever made.

In 2016, the hard work paid off and Samen was announced the top exporter of the year. This success became possible only by the hands of our dearest employees involved in this chapter of corporation.


Throughout all these many years we have token into use the top techniques and machinery involved in making ferforge pieces, only to be the experts in this area. And now we are proud to inform you that we have made it to the top seats.

In samen we make ferforge pieces in many different designs, in fact Samen group is at the top in term of having the biggest variety of pieces.

Samen has become an expert in designing entrance doors.

There is a lot more to our products than just variety of design.

Further in this article we are going to tell you more of what we offer.


know about the reasons behind using Cast Iron in Ferforge pieces:

what is Cast Iron?

The benefits of our products

There are many reasons to convince you of purchasing Samen Ferforge pieces and Entrance doors.

  • It’s even and there is no burr

It’s important to have an even surface when it comes to ferforge pieces, you’ll know the importance of this when it comes to cutting your hand accidentally. It’s a horrible experience, and we don’t want that to happen to anyone ever. That’s why we dedicated two units of our Corporation to this one single reason.

  1. Shot Blasting

  2. Stone Work

Stone Work

The result is a piece with a pleasant and even surface. Not to mention the detailed designs.

  • Corrosion resistance

Metal would rust, that’s for sure. Here in SamenFerforge we apply colors of high quality and covers which can make our pieces last way longer than you expect.

we use cast iron for this purpose, read why:

cast iron

  • High Resistance

Most of our pieces are made out of cast iron, which comes with a low tensile strength. Cast iron can be breakable when it’s forged into its solid form.

We came up with a technique to make the pieces way stronger than iron, which is to make a coherent molten cast iron, without having any holes in it.

  • Two sided Products

Now, as we mentioned there is a line of production dedicated to Samen Ferforge, but it was us who first designed and introduced ferforge Entrance Doors.

There are to sides to this door, which means that even the inner side of your house can have the same beautiful design as the outer side.



As we mentioned before Samen has the widest and liveliest variety available for all people to choose. In fact it’s one of the reasons to our popularity among people, since we offer any design for any interest.

In the end

There are many groups who are duplicating our designs only to be sold way weaker in both terms of quality and durability.

It is easy to tell the difference when you can see the details are missing.

Next time you ever happened to lay your eyes on a piece, pay close attention to details and if it’s beautiful then its Samen Ferforge.

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