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Recycling scrap metal is now considered a productive industry with a huge exchange of capital!

You can’t deny the fact that iron is one of the most used elements on earth and will be, at least for the time being till some futuristic invention present a new material as the substitute.

Well until then we have all the irons we need right here in the scrap yards just around the corner.

In today’s article of SamenFerforge we are going to discuss one of the magnificent abilities of Metal which leads us to scrap metal and the 7 steps of metal recycling.

Scrap Metal

In general any piece with the element of metal that you choose to toss out due to its oldness or rustiness is called scrap metal.

And I can only assume you are familiar with the piles of scrap metal gathered in scrap yards.

In case you want to know more about rusty metals:

What is Scrap Metal? »

Why metal is recycled

Yes, really? Why we even recycle metal in the first place? Why can’t we just toss them out or leave them be?

Well the answer is that there are many benefits involved in recycling metal.

There is no reduction in elements of metal pieces, which gives us an advantage in doing so and since there seem to be no end in using metal why not just using the rusty ones over and over again? Now that we mentioned this, let’s just get to the most important features of recycling rusty old metals.

Why metal is recycled

  1. Saving mother earth

As we mentioned there is no end in reusing this element which is great news when it comes to mother earth as well as its inhabitants.

Recycling scrap metal and using them again in production means:

  • Less time is spend in mines for mining out metal
  • Less metal resources are used and manufactured
  • Less Toxic gas is released in to air

Just the three reasons here alone indicate the importance of reusing metal but further we will give you more reason regarding this matter.

  1. Low cost

Using rusty metal means you don’t need to cover the cost of mining and manufacturing which happened in the first place. Instead the only cost you’ll cover is the effort made on gathering them and of course the weight of metal you’re going to buy in total.

Okay, so its environment friendly and it costs little but isn’t it going to lower the quality of the production?

  1. Manufacturing steel

Steel is known as one of the most important alloys of metal but it won’t stand a chance against pressure if there is no scrap metal mojo used in the structure in the first place.

Adding the scrap pieces is going to add all new elements to the molten steel which is going to help the solid form resistant.

The corrosion resistance of steel is going to be a lot closer to what we except of steel.

So the answer to your question is no, it doesn’t lower the quality of your production at all in fact its bad if you don’t use it.

processing scrap metal

Scrap metals are of all kinds and so is the recycling method taken into use but let’s go over the general steps of recycling scrap metals.

gathering scrap metal

  • Gathering

Obviously you need a lot of scrap metal to start the process.  Remember the piles of scrap metal we mentioned? Yes, let’s imagine we have just as that much and so we’ll begin.

  • Separating

As we mentioned scrap metals are different, and for improving the process we need materials of the same element. This stage can be done with magnets when it comes to big pieces and is also done with workers who does it by hand.

  • Shredding

These pieces are in different shapes and sizes and to improve the process we need to shred them into the same amount of pieces. Smaller pieces are going to make the next stage a lot easier.

  • Melting

Pieces are then added to furnaces to melt down and since the pieces are small, this step is going to take part a lot easier than natural.

The other thing is the little energy which is used to melt pieces now that they are smaller.

  • Purification

Still with all the precautions taken into care, still there might be impurities left in the molten metal, in this step we make sure of getting rid of them all.

  • Cooling down

After purification the molten metal is added into molds and left aside to cool down and form.

  • Transport

After removing out the entire solid pieces out of their molds, they are now ready to be transferred to companies who need the recycled scrap metal as their raw material.

last word

Throughout all these past years many new machines has been introduced to make this process a lot easier, even now that there is a good amount of capital around this industry. Machines like Shredders, presses that can shred and press down together all the pieces together and make the further steps a lot better.

In SamenFerforge we also add scrap metals to our product in case of serving the earth and customers. As we mentioned the use of rusty iron won’t lower the quality but in fact it would raise the corrosion resistance as well as many other qualities involved.

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