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Reinforced concrete is one of the main materials used in construction and it’s quite hard to miss on it.

In today’s article of Samen Ferforge we are going to talk about the reasons behind using this material as well as the structure of reinforced concrete that has made this construction material a strong and enduring one.

What is concrete?

If you’re thinking about cement then you are wrong. Cement is one of the components used in making concrete.

Concrete is made out of three components:

  • Water
  • Aggregate (variety of sand, rock and gravel)
  • Cement

Concrete is formed by adding all three components together and are formed in to one strong material which is gray and familiar to every one’s eyes.

The cement is used as the powder form to glue together the aggregates, once it’s mixed with water.

The quality of the concrete depends totally on the amount of components which are added together.

If the water in the mixture is less than the rest of the elements then the strength is high.

Still the water should be enough to make the mixture flow easily enough through the surface we want.

Even though the concrete is strong in feature, yet it can’t put up with the vibration caused by earthquake and vibrations let alone huge amounts of pressure since it has a weak tension.

Reinforced Concrete

materials of reinforced concrete

its concrete along with steel bars and mesh placed in the structure when it wasn’t solid.

The use of steel bars increases the strength of concrete in total since they are able to absorb the tension and shear stress of pressures.

That way concrete can handle more stress and be used in massive construction projects.

want to know more about steel bars:

Steel Bar

The compression stresses are also raised up thus the structure can handle more than what is expected.

The idea of putting steel bars in concrete was a French gardener which was presented during 19th century.


As we mentioned reinforced concrete is made out of two components in total and to consider the characteristics of this element is to go through each component which are the steel and the plain concrete.

  1. Fire Resistance

As we know the steel is strong to a certain amount heat but if this amount increase, steel may lose its strength. On the other hand concrete is strong against fire and can handle the heat.

  1. Durability

The concrete has a better resistance in terms of lasting a long time. The steel included might lose its strong features against corrosion in longer periods but it doesn’t mean that reinforced concrete is strong and can’t be damaged.

  1. Shear strength & Tension

The Shear strength is the point where the material can no longer put up with the pressure it is forced on it and breaks. This ability is a lot stronger in steel than concrete alone and that why they are added together.

Reinforced concrete has a higher shear point that its components.

The concrete has poor tension resistance and that most probably why steel is added into its structure to be at better functionality. Steel has good tension strength.

applications of reinforced concrete


The numbers of applications are more than you can imagine due to the strength of the material and the raw materials which are easily provided. Here we only mention some of the most important examples.

  • Buildings

This type of concrete is mostly used in construction in floors, beams and columns. This structure is mostly used in laying out the wide spread areas included in buildings with halls and conference rooms.

It can be used both in the buildings that are residential or includes a number of offices.

angle bars are also used a lot in construction:

angle bars

  • Bridges

According to Experience of Experts in this field, bridges which are made out of reinforcement concrete are more functional in terms of durability and strength despite the wide use of bridges which are fully made out of steel.

  • Roads

It may sound shocking but the reinforcement concrete is used to form out the space under your feet as well.

This structure is used in highways which are meant to handle lots of traffic.

You can also find this element in airplane runways.

  • Floating Structures

Reinforced material may not be the best option out there when it comes to building floating structures but still it’s been used a lot and the result was always successful.

Last word

Even though the invention of reinforced concrete has fixed lots of problems but yet we can’t rely on this technology forever. The steel bars inside the concrete would rust; this lowers the life of concrete dramatically.

Even if we forget about the rust and the huge costs of repairing everything, we should probably stop using this method of construction.

The production of cement alone has a 5% effect on the global warming.

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