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Агентства Вместе Ferforge

The fascinating design and high-quality production caused most of the Middle East countries to come to Iran even in the initial years.
Noted to the great performance and using up-to-date technology mixed with innovation and creativity in design made samen company shining as a leader wrought iron producer in the international level.
The popularity and variety of products has helped SamenFerforge company to have long term relationship with many domestic and overseas companies.
Currently, we are honored to supplying 185 domestic agencies and 27 foreign agencies

Chaharmahal Bakhtiari
  • Rahim Nabizadeh
  • 0383-2273132 09133836155-09137222019
  • 09133836155-09137222019
  • Shahrekord, No. 35, Fanavaran St., in front of the fire department

  • Rahim Nabizadeh
  • 03832270801 09133836155-09137222019
  • 09133836155-09137222019
  • Shir Ali Mardan Squar, Adineh Boulevard