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Елисейский дворец

Elysee palace is one of the most famous and great touristic places in the world
This structure is the greatest palace in France which named petit, has high popularity due to its remarkable and captivating beauty
SamenFeroforge designers has tried to create a fascinating wrought iron door inspired by Elysee palace gate, a gigantic and glorious ferforge door.

Информация Код Боковая высота (см) Средний рост (см) Длина (см) Вес (кг) кг / м2
Double Door 3533 280 460 330 1000 81.90
Single Door 3534 280 350 110 300 86.58
fence 3535 160 320 170 240 58.82
Код продукта: 3533-3534
Цена за килограмм
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The price of this product is calculated in kilograms and the final weight of the produced product is the measurement criterion.