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scrap metals are in fact every where, and they are to be recycled and re used again and again.

But seriously, what is about scrap yards and all those piles of metal junks brought together? What use does it have and in what fields it serve?

In this article of SamenFerforge we want to inform you of the great benefits and applications of all these piles of junk.

What is scrap metal?

Technically any piece that is made out of iron and has rusted and ruined in a way is called scrap metal. Other than the orange look of it, a huge source of this type of metal is made in production lines of industries working with metal.

There is no limit to how many times you can recycle metal, and that’s probably the most important factor since this element was recognized as one of the most important alloys of Iron.


As we mentioned before, from what it seems there is no end to the amount of times we can use iron. One other great thing about this endless process is that no element involved the metal is going to be reduced.

These facts only indicates the great factors provided for metal industries with:

  • Price

As you may probably know for making new iron pieces, a great portion of scrap metal should be added to the molten Iron. This mixture adds strength and solidness to the piece other than the very low price compared to raw iron used in the process, which decreases the price of production as well.


  • Environment

the use of scrape Iron means, using more of what’s already at hand other than digging deeper in mines for metal and finishing up the resources.

One other thing is that molten scrap metal releases fewer amounts of toxic gasses in the air. The released gas by Scrape Iron is much less than what gets released by raw metal when it’s molten.

if you want to know more about recycling metal:

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Many industries are now using a great deal of scrap metal as raw materials in their field of production considering all the great features we mentioned. Let’s review some of the most outstanding industries which take a great use of this material.

  1. Production & Industries

This element is involved in many industries such as aviation and automotive industries also in production of containers and pipes.

  1. Packaging

Next time you bought a can of beans please consider that at least 30% of the container is from scrap metal. Some cans are 100% recycled.

  1. Domestic uses

It’s very common and praised to decorate your place with scrap pieces. It gives an antique look to your spot.

Types of Scrap Metal

In general there are two groups when it comes to naming out different types of scrap metal.

  1. Nonferrous metal

Apparently the most precious of scrap metals are the ones with almost no iron in their structure. And further we will introduce some of the most important ones:

  • Brass

They can be recognized very easily since they have an outstanding orange color. This type of nonferrous metal is at great demand. The high amount of copper and zinc makes the brass more valuable.

  • Aluminum

This element is used almost everywhere, the soda can in your hand is a source of aluminum and so is many other things. Recycling this material is going to need only 20% of the energy which was used in producing it in the first place.


  • Copper

You can find this element in copper utensils and even power wires and that’s why they are in such high demand.

  1. Ferrous

This group as it sounds involves all elements which have a great amount of iron in their structure. Even thought materials like metal and steel are of less demand compared to nonferrous metals, yet there is a huge market growing around recycling iron with great capital involved.

in Samen we use scrap cast iron to produce ferforge, read why:

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last word

in SamenFerforge we have dedicated a unite to this matter since recycling is a very highlighted subject, in fact more than ever.

and one of the least approaches we took on making the production beneficial for both humans and earth.

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