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Steel metal is without a doubt one of the most used and popular alloys of this category. In this article of Samen Ferforge we are going to talk about this very usable element and the production of different types of steel in Iran so stay with us and please remember that you can always check our blog for news of metal industry and catch up with the latest information.


Steel is one of the strongest of elements on earth with many different types and characteristics that each comes with different sets of abilities and properties.

this element is in fact one of the many alloys of metal. The hardness and solidness of this material would be even higher than natural if the amount of carbon involved with it is high. This means that it would be hard to shape them into desired form or to weld these pieces together.

what's steel

Steel Production in IRAN

There are two way to produce Steel metal in Iran. In this part we are going to study these two methods.

  1. Continuous casting

In this method metal is first heated till it melts down, then the molten metal is set to cool down while being stated in a container and is wrapped by water. After a while the molten metal would cool down. The semi-solid steel is then guided to go right through a passage which in fact is a cast to form the semi-solid in to long pieces of steel. This method is also known as the strand casting.

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metal casting

  1. Direct Reduction

In this method the iron ore is processed and transformed into Iron. To make this happen, we first need to melt the metal in specified furnaces, by melting down the metal the carbon is burned out. All is left is for the metal to cool down.

top companies in Iran

There are many companies of such that are active and functional in the field of producing Steel. In this part of the article we want to introduce the top industries of this area.


This corporation produces 5 million tons of steel, using the Direct Reduction (DR) method we just talked about. They are the biggest corporation which produce this material as a private section, located in Mobarake.


The second biggest corporation of Iran to make this alloy is ESCO which produces constructions pieces and train tracks. This corporation produces about 3 million tons of products.

top steel companies in Iran


This corporation produces 3 million tons of this metal through Direct Reduction as the top producer of bars, yet this group is the second best when it comes to production of raw material.

  • Azerbaijan STEEL COMPANY

This company is also one of the top producers of steel in Iran with having 800 thousand ton of steel. This corporation also uses direct reduction for making the products.


There are almost 3500 thousand different types of steel all with their personal usage as well as features that makes them appear in almost any industry.

But almost 50% of the steel products are used in construction.

Last word

Steel metal can be recycled over and over again; it’s a great feature to think of it. We need to protect our natural resources more than any other time.

Using this element in an efficient way can be a good start to save our planet.

Other than environment the firmness of this alloy can guarantee the solidness of the material as well.

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