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there are many different types of steel products, in order to suffice many different need of domestic lives or industries. in this article of SamenFerforge we are going to discuss the products of Steel along with the applications of steel metal.

The construction is growing rapidly due to the rapid growth of population. There is no denying that. But as we go further with this industry we realize that maybe the space and efficiency of designs are not the only problems of our modern age.

When it comes to construction, many other factors are to be considered such as the materials involved.

One of the most used materials in this industry is steel which involves in a great deal of applications when it comes to building.

What’s Steel?

One of the many alloys of Iron is called Steel which in fact is one of the strongest.

Due to the variety of features jammed in the structure of Steel, the products of this material are used in almost any industry and in construction more than anywhere else.

The features of Steel are of durability, versatility and strength.

There are as many as 3500 different types of steel all with different types of structure that makes them show different types of characteristics and abilities.

Types of Steel products

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Types of Steel products

Due to the variety involved, there are many different products of this material to be used in construction. Did you know that almost 50% of the steel products are used in construction industry?

Depending on the type of steel there are products of steel pipes, structural steel, galvanized sheets, wire ropes that are made out of steel along with hot and cold rolled steel.

Structural Steel

It’s one of the most important products of steel in total. They are used mostly in building bridges, towers, tunnels and skyscrapers.

Using structural Steel would make the process of building a lot easier than what you expect, since they have low weight as well as a great amount of strength that along with flexibility makes the process simple and enjoyable.

Structural Steel

Depending on the exact amount of different elements in the structure there are structural steels of different kinds. For example if there is a considerable amount of carbon, the piece is strong and solid, while having other elements like manganese, sulfur and aluminum can make the item appear more ductile and flexible.

Steel Plates

There are many different steel plates and choosing one depends on the project at hand. The plates used for a residential building are completely different from the ones which is to become a hospital. Other than these the plates used in bridges and towers are also of different kinds.

To serve this matter plates are manufactured in a wide range of size and shapes.

The amount of carbon in is few to make the structure a lot easier.

Steel Wire Ropes

This rope is actually made of three layers; one single wire is wrapped carefully around what we call a steel core. This structure is then covered by a cover.

non-ferrous metals are of great options to make wires, read why:

non-ferrous metals

These strong ropes are mostly used to move around heavy objects in construction.

These wires are also immune to corrosion, rotation and other damaging factors.

Last word

As we mentioned there are many different types of steel products with different structure only to have their own set of properties and characteristics.

There are many applications for this set of variety, but please consider the fact that to choose the right steel, you should consider your project and choose the best product ever.

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