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the House of Sherlock Holmes

the House of Sherlock Holmes is the definition of a cozy antique-looking apartment which has made a great impression on many fans around the world. Myself, as one of the admirers of the man’s stories and then TV shows, I have grown a sense of the lifestyle of Holmes which states him as an intelligent and yet ignorant person. When it comes to a great intelligent-looking environment Sherlock can be ranked as a brilliant individual who has done a great job of owning a lovely place.

In this article, we are going to guide you to have Sherlocked space. Stay with us.

The House

Despite the heads, the body parts and other random evidence which Sherlock had a keen interest in keeping, the home looks aesthetic.

In this article, we are going to discuss a guide to how truly turn your space into an antique-looking environment. A little heads up: it won’t be a Minimalistic approach.

The living room

The main part of any home would be the living room and for our detective, It would be the section in which he spends a lot of time chatting and sipping tea along with his loyal friend Dr. Watson. and for now we are only going to cover this section solely.

  • Two comfortable Chair

Now, if you are anything like Sherlock you are probably going to spend a lot of time on your chair thinking or addressing business meetings. Now whether it’s a business or random chat with your closest friend you are going to need two chairs (Comfy looking) which are going to occupy the north side of your space probably close to a chimney.

Don’t forget to purchase a more professional looking chair if you’re dealing with meetings at your home.

two comfortable Chair

  • Chimney

There always has to be a chimney because where else are you going to spend your winter nights? Chimney, either in cold or warm seasons is going to give your space a very friendly/antique looking feature.

In winter you can spend the nights reading against its delicious warmth or maybe try playing the violin.

In summer you can block the opening by your books and add to its characteristics and use the extra space.

  • Books

How else are you going to decorate those walls? Books are one of the main objects which give gesture and personality to space. The books are going to shout here lives an intelligent man keen on reading books the science which lies within.

the House of Sherlock Holmes had in-wall Bookshelves which were all filled with books all to the rim.

You can either use dark wooden bookshelves; place them at both sides of your chimney or take a more costly approach and install bookshelves into the wall.


Not everyone is a book lover, what should you do then?

You can install shelves but how about decorating them with objects you love? But remember you have to consider your choices. Adding anything would ruin your whole efforts to build an apartment or Space like Mr. Detective. To avoid that you should add a place objects with Gothic features. Dark-colored objects or old antique looking stuff such as boxes, candles or second-hand books would do. Use your instincts on this one. I’m sure you’ll find the best objects in vintage stores.

  • Side Table & Coffee table

If you are also a huge fan of hot beverages like Holmes then you should probably get side tables for your space and lay you teacup along with some books on it.

Feel free to choose different pieces. Sherlock did.

Even though it doesn’t feel necessary, you can also use a coffee table and lay your feet on it just once you are BORED!


  • Odd wallpapers

Don’t forget to use wallpaper, especially the type which is odd and in rhythm with the ghothic space you want. You can also decorate the walls along with few frames.

Odd wallpapers

  • The Rug

Probably a Persian rug would serve you best and give you the result you want. The rug would make the space more cozy and homey just like the House of Sherlock Holmes.

  • Table

If you are a fan of the modern version of the Sherlock then you must have noticed the wooden table in the middle of the room which grown a big use of our favorite investigators and you are going to need one. And remember you need to apply the same approach you did with the shelves. Fill it objects you need to be around you on a daily bases. How about radio or an extra study lamp?

The main secret behind owning such a place is to have a reason for having every single object in your place. Even the skull had a history and Sherlock respected that. So the wisest thing would be to choose everything wisely and creating a place with memories. Otherwise, Sherlock had a simple home with pretty much the same things you can find in any other home.