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It’s been 27 years of providing service to a wide variety of customers from around the world and it has been an honor to be selected as the premier exporter of the year. SamenFerforge has tried it’s best so it can be recognized as the top industry in terms of making Ferforge pieces. And now we were to attain such great step.

What is SamenFerforge?

We are mostly known as the premier exporter of Ferforge Province based in Tehran province. We are also known as the top producer of such pieces in the Middle East with a quality which can easily be compared to worldly standards.

Samen has always been after the most modern techniques to make pieces of absolute beauty and delicateness. But we have always been open to the most traditional ways of our ancestors to make the best results possible. You could say Samen is a mixture of modernity and tradition, which is always after the most breathtaking designs.

What is Samen Ferforge

Samen also has always been after creating the best patterns and designs and it’s known for having the most variety in designs among competitors. This chance became possible only with the innovation of our creative designers who are always after customs, history and arts of any possible region around the world for interesting ideas.

you can read more about production of Ferforge in our corporation:

Ferforge pieces of Samen Ferforge

Future steps

Now that our hard work has paid off, we decided on walking bigger scales.

We had planned our path once and we were paid back, now we are going to step toward bigger paths.

We have always wanted the best for our customers and nothing is going to change that. But it was proven that our works had brought an affecting impact on country and people and that’s where we are going. Toward bigger impacts and creativeness.

SamenFerforge the premier exporter of 2016

Premier exporter of 2016

As the premier exporter we have done these items mentioned bellow. We have done all our best to get here even though it’s not much but it gives us a view of the play.

  • Increasing non-oil assets and developing such trades
  • Developing international trades
  • Improving foreign exchanges
  • Making considerable changes

Last word

All we did was to go according to the plan. This great honor was only attainable through the hard work of our company and the hands which formed each piece with excellent accuracy and care.

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