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Have you ever come upon Unusual Building Materials?
The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” It is a famous quote by Dieter F.Uchtdorf and it is one of the single most important factors in keeping up with life. This applies to the realm of Construction as well.
Despite technology and its fast improvement, some architects and engineers never stop us from their astonishing and creative approach.
Stay with us to go over the top 5 unexpected materials used in Construction in this Article of SamenFerforge.

Construction materials No One Expected to work!

As technology keeps on trying its best to come up with the highest and most efficient technologies in this area to create the best and most secure Construction Materials, Some are also trying their best to do with what they have at hand.

Here are our Unusual Building Materials list

Despite their unusuality, they seem to be working!

1. Carrots

Nowadays, Carrots are not used for the improvement of eyesight only; they come handy in Construction as well.
People have done some research on Carrots and in fact, they are proved very helpful.
Even though I would have never expected this vegetable to play a role in construction, it is stated that this element can help the concrete in the buildings from cracking.
This material can be mixed with Carrot and create less probability of cracks and it would reduce the amount of Carrot that needs to be used in construction.
Also less concrete means less CO2 in the Air.

Carrots in Construction

Read about the Buildings which would help the Environment:

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2. Car Tire

To be honest, I can imagine the usefulness of Car Tires compared to Carrot.
It is proved that Car tires are very efficient when it comes to absorbing and storing heat during the day.
Tires are used as the wall of Construction Structures and with this efficiency they play a great role.
This approach would help the Environment a lot as many tires around the world needs to be recycled somehow.

Car Tire in Construction

3. Algae

The Chinese have expanded their use of Algae which is even weirder than Carrot in our list of Unusual Building Materials.
in the City of Hangzhou, there is a tower that is covered with Algae and it has some great effects.

• Green Structures

Green buildings are made with the use of Environment in a way to both help the occupants and the environment at the same time. This structure is, in fact, the definition of 100% natural Friendly Tower.

are you familiar with the Biggest Construction Firms?

Giants of Construction

• Carbone dioxide

This material also puts a great impact on the observance of Carbon Dioxide and it couldn’t get any better.

Even in Paris, the same structure is applied to create a place specifically for Producing Micro-algae for Medical Research. It is called The Algo House.

Algae in Construction

4. Soda Bottles

There is a pub in Kamikatsu, Japan which is famous for being Waste Free. It means the Structure of the building is made absolutely from recycled materials and the future wastes are going to be recycled and used all over again.
The most interesting thing used in this building is the chandelier which is made out of Soda Bottles.
Another of these astonishing building s is stated in Thailand where a temple, a religious Construction is made completely out of Bottles. This Project is done after gathering bottles for two years and now it is famous as the temple of the Million Bottles and shines as a great recyclable Project.

Soda Bottles in Construction

5. Newspaper

The Japanese pub wen mentioned has also made a wonderful job of lining its walls by using paper. it is not the first time that construction has used Recyclable Paper to make a structure.
Some buildings of such claims are still standing firm and sound.
One is the Paper House in Rockport, Massachusetts. this Residential Construction has been made around 100 years ago.

Newspaper in Construction

the Future of Unusual Building Materials!

Most Constructions are evolving around Commercial Constructions which demand security and Safety. Can any of the Unusual Building Materials we mentioned above play a solid role in Big Construction Projects?
all we have to do now is to wait. maybe someday in the future, someone Constructed buildings made out of Carrot!

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