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There has always been a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the proper Gate for the Entrance of your House!
If you are looking for the best options, then get along with us in this Article of SamenFerforge, because in this particular article we are going to discuss Wooden Doors and their properties as well.

Wooden Gates

Wooden entrances have been in use for as long as man can remember and despite the use of the Advantages of Iron Doors, they are still popular. They are strong and they are beautiful. But there must be more reasons as to why these doors of such material are popular still to this day.
Many doors are made out of wood and many have been around for the longest time ever. Still standing an admirable stand.
Lets read about the advantages a wooden can provide you with.

Advantages of a Wooden Door

there is a lot more to a wooden door than you can think. there are many admirable advantages that make the purchase of a door very profitable. so you might as well consider ordering one designed the way you want after the end of this article.

here re some of the most noticeable features of a wooden door.

Advantages of a Wooden Door

1. Shield the temperature

Wood is quite a resistance when it comes to temperature, simply by being a weak conductor of Heat and Cold.
You can simply shield your home from the entrance of Cold from getting in. also, you can stop the cold from getting out and keep your place cool.
Think about the Energy waste that goes on in most houses.
Wooden Door can help you a lot with cutting down your Energy Bills!

2. A Classic Look

Can’t deny the gesture and Prestige that the use of Doors can add to your House. The Classical gesture of the Material would dominate everyone’s attention.
Also, one fact is that such a door would add a lot to the overall value of any site.
They can also be colored in any color possible to make fit your Property best.

3. It Won’t Rust

One of the biggest components of Wood is Iron Gates. One advantage that makes Wood Preferable over Iron is the fact that Iron Won ‘t Rust.
This fact has been dealt with over the introduction of technology and new methods but still many prefer to choose Wooden Gates.

It Won't Rust
Check SamenFerforge‘s, Rust-Resistant Gates.

4. Durable

Wood is Durable but can last even much longer time if it is maintained properly.
You can expect them to last for the longest time.
But to know how to maintain a Wooden Door, Read along:

5. Maintenance

As we said, Wooden gates are durable but to keep the Door to function properly you should care to perform Proper maintenance every once in a while.
It is better to apply proper instructions every few months.
Here are some tips on keeping your Door Functional:

• Apply light coat Oil

The best oil is the one which consists of Tung and Linseed Oil. you should gently apply the oil on the exterior surfaces of the entrance gate. It would probably take a while for the Oil to dry out. It depends on the Purity level of the Oil you use.

Apply light coat Oil

• UV-Blockage

Some doors are already blocked with such a material as it is the best option to keep the Door protected from the sun and its damage.
If the Door you own is not Blocked by UV-Blockage you should Sand it down and apply the material.


We gave some good reasons as to why you should purchase a Wooden Door for your Entrance.
And now please allow us to inform you of some of the disadvantages that Wooden Door has and you should know about.

• Maintenance

Now, the maintenance of Wood is easy and it only includes the regular appliance of Oil and maybe a paint if you decide too. But imagine doing that too often to keep the gesture and features of the door. It can cost a lot of money when you sum the many it would probably cost you in a lifetime!
Also, it needs a lot of effort since it needs to be done by hand. Unless you decide to get a service for that which is going to cost you more.

if you still have Doubt, read this: 

Wooden or Ferforje Doors ›

• Costly

A Good Wooden door is going to cost you a lot of money but please consider the fact that you are going to purchase a high-quality product which will last a long time.
Still, there is the maintenance cost to consider as well.

• Termites!

Yes, Wood has the disadvantage of welcoming Termites. This exposure might result in changing the Door Completely.
Please note that the right maintenance will prevent such exposures.

Purchasing a Wooden Door

Wooden Door has a very considerable number of disadvantages which would make your choice shaky. But all is left to say is that a wooden door can simply be of good service for a very long time in one condition only, to keep good maintenance of it.

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