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Wrought Iron Design

Have you ever come across Wrought iron Designs? I believe you have. You should have probably seen Iron which is curved and designed as the decorating part of the window panes and gates. You must have probably seen the old Street Lamps with their old looking features.

In today’s article of SamenFerforge, we are going to talk about wrought iron designs and their influence in the modern world.

Wrought Iron

Iron and its alloys have been around and influenced the lifestyle of human beings completely. Discovering this material has allowed the man to shape weapons to defend, he also learned to craft gates to protect him and to stay safe. Iron has served mankind in all shapes and ways.

Nowadays we don’t naturally go to the jungle and haunt animals anymore and we don’t fight with knives and swords for our rights. All is left to do with wrought iron(as it happens with many other objects which they lose their usage) is to shape it in different decorative objects just like the street lamps I mentioned before.

Lucky for us wrought iron Designs can be formed in almost any way.

Wrought Iron


Wrought Iron gates have served a strong and secure role in serving mankind and it is stated as one of the best options when it comes to choosing a decent entry. They can be formed in any way so you can have them in any form possible. But the Mediterranean and classic European designs are the most popular ones still to this day.

Construction and exterior design have observed minimal and efficient look to it which is all about amazement and brilliancy. That’s probably why these iron doors are hardly ever used when it comes to big projects.

Doors are expected to be made with a lighter weight; they are also made to be comparable with the new modern world. That’s why these types of Doors serve best when it comes to Villa or residential houses.

Wrought Iron Pieces could boost your decoration!

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Window Grills

Wrought iron grills allow you to choose among as many different designs as you want and get rid of those boring window bars, it is Not Prison.

Your house should be beautiful and gorgeous and you should be able to do it any way you want. Ferforge or Wrought Iron designs allow you to do so.

Please consider the beauty along with safety whenever it comes to grills.

Street Lamp

Ever since the Street Lamps were lighted up with candles to this day, the body is designed and constructed by the use of Wrought Iron because they make the best brilliant designs ever.

But nowadays what we see is nothing like the street lamps with complicated designs from decades ago. The design has taken a sharp shift toward modernity and simplicity.

Wrought Iron today

To be frank wrought iron has lost its use and efficiency, at least the way it used to be. Designs are simpler and more accurately done due to the specific needs of modern-day man.

There are many aspects to why wrought iron designs isn’t used as it used to be before:

  • Lack of Space
  • Workability
  • Modern Design is simple

Lack of Space

Iron Objects are made in a way to be more relevant to the residential experiences with saving space.

Examples of such an option would be Bi-Fold and Sliding Doors and Windows.

Unfortunately, these new designs lack extensive use of Patterns or ornaments which is to serve a better role in modernity.


Iron is Strong and serves perfect when it comes to security but they are also very heavy and might end up being expensive especially if they are going to cover a long space.

As solution designers and metal workers have come across new technologies to make this material a lot more efficient and usable.

  • Light-weighted, the weight has a very effective role in the total price of the product.
  • Designs are customized due to the final features of the buildings
  • Rust-Resistant: they are exclusive to last better in face of corrosion


  • Durable; if they are rust-resistant they are also very durable
  • Corrosion-resistant

Last Words

Wrought iron can be easily dealt with; you can shape it in many desired ways. These products can last a very long time which would continue for even a long while if you take good care of them every once in a while.

Please consider the fact that iron has a certain potential, which is absent in other materials.

But what do you think? And how would you like your place to be? Would you rather use Wrought Iron Designs and what would your reasons be? Let us know.

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