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Leafy flowers

Raw leaves

Wrought iron parts

Wrought iron parts

  • Wrought iron parts are among the main products of the Hashtomin Noor metal industry (SamenFerforge). This category of products has a great variety and more than 1000 samples of this product are produced and marketed in Samen factory.

Wrought iron parts have a high manufacturing quality and the components used in most of these parts are cast iron. Wrought iron parts are produced and marketed in different categories such as casting flowers, basket(onion), and raw leaves.


Design of wrought iron parts

Relying on their high experience, the design team of Samen Ferforge Company has drawn a unique and unique design for each wrought iron parts produced in this factory, so that each of these parts looks together or individually. It has beauty and makes the final product more beautiful. On the other hand, the use of high-precision devices has caused the parts to be cut with high precision and to display a unique elegance for the viewer.

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