Spiral Staircase

Simple Staircase

Wrought iron Staircase of Samen Ferfoge company

Wrought iron Staircase is another product of the Hashtomin Noor metal industry (Samen Ferforge). This product is created by putting different parts together.

Stair railings produced by Samen Company have a high quality of construction. The reason for this, is the use of quality materials such as cast iron to make products.

Wrought iron Staircase are offered in two models: simple wrought iron Staircase and wrought iron spiral Staircase

On the other hand, cast iron with its high strength increases its durability and strength many times over in the manufacture and production of parts.

In addition to this high quality of construction, wrought iron stair railings produced in Samen Ferforge factory also benefit from a unique design. This has made the audience more welcome.

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Types of wrought iron stair railings

Stairs produced in Samen Ferforge factory are offered in 2 categories: wrought iron stair railings and wrought iron simple stair railings. Each of these categories can be selected and customized according to the workspace and the audience.

Both spiral stair railings and those that are in the simple category are similar in terms of quality but differ in size and dimensions.

Wrought iron stairs

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